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The undersigned hereby declares under their own responsibility:

a) To have read the regulations, limits, and prohibitions and to unconditionally accept and comply with them, as well as to know all the sports rules of the practice, particularly those indicated by the organizer's regulations.

b) To be in perfect physical and mental health and to have the fitness required for sports practice.

c) To use the equipment exclusively where permitted by laws and regulations and to assume responsibility for its use.

d) To exempt the managers and guides from any liability in the broadest terms, for themselves and their successors and assigns, from any obligation to pay compensation, damages, indemnities, refunds, etc., in the event of any injury, regardless of its duration, outcome, and consequences, that may occur to the undersigned or any third party during the use, passage, transit, and any other activity within the Park and the routes.

e) To have been informed in advance about the characteristics and difficulties of the excursion.

f) To have assessed that the excursion is suitable for their technical abilities and physical fitness.

g) To have been informed of and accepted the proposed program.

h) To authorize the dissemination of images and videos acquired for informational and promotional purposes during excursions, events, and days.

During the excursion, the undersigned agrees to:

- Maintain disciplined behavior, inspired by mutual respect and good manners.

- Cooperate with the guides and other members of the group to ensure the success of the excursion and guarantee everyone's maximum safety.

- Exercise extreme caution, especially on exposed and dangerous paths, to avoid risking their own and others' safety.


- Outdoor activities are subject to dangers and risks; the undersigned is aware of these dangers in advance and, by participating in the excursion, personally assumes all risks and responsibilities for any damage they may directly or indirectly cause to others and to the rented equipment during excursions or days.

- In consideration of the risks and dangers inherent in the excursion, the undersigned hereby releases the company Chrono by Cognigni Giacomo, any other guides, and organizers from all liability for any damage to property and persons.

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